In the far future, a clone caring for the last people to escape a dead Earth suddenly finds himself facing a warning from the past — and a choice — to either allow humanity to settle on a new world or end the human race once and for all.

OKAY — admittedly the plot isn’t the greatest — but I can live with that. I recently taught myself how to use Blender (“taught” as in, I stumbled through it recklessly AND “taught” as in, I’m still teaching myself) and that’s sort of how this short film came about. The VFX aren’t entirely done in Blender — all of the compositing was done in After Effects but the space ship was crafted in Blender.

Going forward I’d hope to spend more time developing a lighting profile for my live-action sets so what I’m keying looks more natural with the background effects. During this shoot I lacked the time (somehow during this pandemic I “lacked time”) and resources to properly configure my lighting to match the virtual sets I was constructing.